My Rambles

As you may have noticed, my posts really are somewhat odd. I aspire them to be something along the lines of a poem, but as I walk you through the emotions I contain. I guess you could say they are poems to the power of emotions. I know they don’t fit any stanza, but they are my way of being me. More of these are probably to come in the next day… ohh internet that doesn’t even see these.


Do you see what you are doing?
Do you see what you are causing?
Do you see what you have let unfold?

You have opened up a box of Pandora.
You have let yourself become the box.

What ever you see.
What ever you hear.
What ever you taste.
What ever you smell.
and worst of all….
What ever you touch.

It gets affected by the box’s influence.

What a shame.
I’m going to cry.
I’m going to scream.
I’m going to shake my head in disbelief.

You killed it.
You ruined it.
You soiled it.

I’m getting angry.
I’m looking at what you caused.
I’m furious at what you have done.

Can’t you see it?
Can’t you hear it?
Can’t you taste it?
Can’t You smell it?
Can’t you feel it?

You have ruined it.
It was once beautiful.
It was once full of life.

My anger fades away.
My sorrow builds up.
I begin to cry once more.

It is now full of sadness.
It is now full of disgust.
It is now full of pain.
It is now full of poison.

Your poison.
Your pain.
Your disgust.
Your sadness.

You robbed it of what it could be!

For what?
Your own selfishness?
Your own insecurities?
Your own problems?
Your own inability to climb?

The anger seeps back into me.
You are better then this!
You should not be hurting them!

Don’t you see?
You are destroying them!

For what, your box of selfishness?
I can only bestow my condolences.
What a waste.

For you should be climbing for the songs.
For you should be climbing for the sunsets.
For you should be climbing for the passionate beating of the ocean.
For you should be on your horizon.

For only there will you find what will fill your heart to the brim and more.