Look at where you are!
Look in the mirror!
Do you see what I see?
I see potential.
I see possibilities.
I see an adventure.
However, what I see is only what could be.
Only what could be if you let yourself climb.
Climb to the top.
Climb to the top!
If the climbing gets tough, then climb some more.
For otherwise you will be nothing more then you are now.
What a waste that I see.
How sad are you.
How I wish I could push you to climb some more.
Would you like some help?
For I am here.
Don’t jump back down.
I know you feel safe down there.
However, you don’t belong in a hole.
You belong up there.
Up there with the songs.
Up there with the sunsets.
Up there with the passionate beating of the ocean.
For you are better then what you are now.
What do I need to say for you to climb?
Follow me, for I am climbing to my horizon.

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