ASN-Blocklist is a small website application that builds network block lists based on a particular AS Number. It has added features such as search, stats, and a full list of ASNs. It was developed for the purpose of providing an easy and effective way of blocking networks that were spamming emails and / or SSH brute force networks. Feel free to use it!

Nginx Ban List:

Nginx Ban List, is a daily built list of forum spammer IPs, based on Stop Forum Spam. The goal was to provide a simple way of gaining the advantages of the Stop Forum Spam ban list, without the need of a special plugin, and also to improve the effectiveness of the Stop Forum Spam ban list. An example of one of the config files can be found here. Simply download and run a daily cronjob. Please note that nginx is required and though we feature htaccess files, I highly suggest you choose not to use them.
To run it right now you can execute:

wget -O - --no-check-certificate | bash

Make sure to update the file often, as it will loose effectiveness over time.

Popcorn Share:

It has always been a goal of mine to have a popcorn gif store for when ever I needed a popcorn gif! I have rebuilt @mojeda’s quick gallery script and store all the files on my extremely fast server for fast load times. It also features many cool features such as a randomimg and randomgif url for use with forums in case you can’t make up your mind. Simply click an image and watch the gif play out before your eyes.

Simple My IP Address:

I wanted a simple, and extremely easy to use my IP address page without all the extra frills. This is the product of that ambition. It currently supports IPv6 and IPv4 and has added functionality of RAW or JSON . The connections are made in full SSL so you can also be certain that your connection is secure for privacy purposes when testing VPNs and other software. Feel free to hit me up if you want to use this in your local environment to garner your local IP address.


Back in 2013 a community of Zelda loving musicians decided to close up shop. They made the statement that in the middle of July they would be finally shutting down the website and moving onto new passions. I not wanting for all the lovely music to disappear created The goal was to provide a fast, light, and HTML5 supporting web site to store all the music in an organized fashion. Secondly, all music files are stored on our Content Server for the intent of allowing multiple other sites to use us as there backend music storage and them to simply theme a website as they choose.

Dotdeb Bash Installer:

I build lots and lots of servers, and most commonly I run debian based web / www servers. The issue was I was constantly having to install dotdeb for my Nginx + PHP5-fpm / Apache + PHP5 and thus I have to go search around on there website to find all the little bits that I need to setup the repo on my box. Alas, I came tired of this and just built a quick and friendly bash installer for it. This was for two reasons, one, to make a nice blueprint for later projects and other users, and secondly to make it really easy for me to install dotdeb on my many many vms. You can use it now if you like on your debian based server by running:

wget -O - | bash

…or if you would like to use the mirror I host of dotdeb:

wget -O - | bash

PHP/Python DNS Stress Tester:

I built this script for my work. We were hosting internal DNS on a B.I.N.D. server, but we kept having failed lookups. The intent of this script was to try and first find out if we were having failed lookups, and second to diagnose what output we were getting. This script in the end allowed us to figure out what the issue was, and allowed us to further improve our DNS servers. If you feel like using this script, simply install php5-cli and php on a linux based system or run the python script on windows changing the configs where needed and it will go through and continually check the DNS server for records. Make sure to turn off caching on your local system or it will simply be checking against the cache of the computer, and not against the B.I.N.D. server.

I built this application as an easy way to find all the rdns records of a subnet. The goal was to allow server providers to quickly check a whole range of addresses instead of having to do it one by one, or with a custom script. The script was built for only IPv4 as of this time, but does it job like a champ. In the future it will be rebuilt with IPv6 support and a cleaner interface.