Humans are like walnuts. We have scars littering our hard and cold outer face from failed attempts, loves lost, friends whom we shall never see again, heart aches for a better world, and our own failures. It looks cold, undaunted, and ever unchanging. However, deep down there is a little plant. This plant protected from general harm, is not unchangeable though. Oddly it is always changing and growing, and when you give it warmth, and love, it will feel warm, but when you give it coldness and bitterness, it will feel cold and damaged, searching for the great warmth it so desires. So, when you see our cold outer shell don’t think we don’t feel the things you have caused because we have, and it hurts sometimes, and other times it makes us feel like we are basking in the great warmth of the sun on a beautiful beach. It is your choice on how you wish to apply your energy, maybe take a breath, and breathe a little warmth onto the walnut, and watch it turn into a amazing friend, or you can do the easier option and fling hate at it and etch another scar in that walnut to simply make your own selfish, worthless, unneeded, piece of shit feel like you are “better”, when you are frankly still a walnut, who has scars of there own, which you will never get over because you threw away all the beautiful people who would have blown some warmth into your life.

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